About us

Our roots

Our company was founded in March 1987 when the work was done by hand.
Since the very early years our company has been a point of reference for companies in the footwear district of our territory thanks both to its location and owner's passion and dedication to work.
Over the years our company has grown and now it has some of the most popular cad-cam systems on the market, with a young, qualified and motivated staff ready to satisfy the needs of a constantly changing market.


Why Choose Us?

Because we can develop and provide a prototype based on your own ideas, design or pictures.

Because we take care of your footwear.

Because our staff is young, qualified, motivated and able to satisfy your requests.

Perchè con il passare degli anni abbiamo acquisito un bagaglio di esperienze notevoli che mettiamo a disposizione della nostra clientela.
Because, over the years, we have gained remarkable experience that we provide to our customers.

Because if after all these years we are still in the market for a reason.

Our Features

Models creation

This service includes all the different steps of model creation and the following modifications to the prototype for industrial production.

Digital size development

This service includes the model adaptation to the various sizes and its digital development thanks to our softwares.

Cutting of the footwear components

This service includes the cutting of all shoe's components using red fiberboard.

Our Features

We give life to your favourite footwear since 1987

Models creation

  • Starting from:
    • designs
    • pictures
    • plastic shells
  • Cutting of the main components of the shoe using:
    • white cardboard
    • red fiberboard
  • Exporting .dxf or other compatible files
  • Prototype modifications for industrial production
  • Technical data sheets for materials' consumption

Development in sizes

  • Starting from:
    • digitization of your own models
    • reading of your own .dxf files
  • models obtained at our offices
  • exporting from .dxf files to leather cutting machinery

Cutting of the footwear components

  • We cut the development in sizes of all shoe's components using red fiberboard. Then we number in ascending order all components. Finally we pack the complete product and we deliver it to the customer.

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Contact us for any information

The company operates in Porto Sant' Elpidio in the province of Fermo, in the heart of the Marche footwear district. In this area there are some of the most important footwear companies and their brands are known worldwide. The location and contact with such excellent companies has let us to grow over the years and specialize in giving to our customers more and more services.

Marcello Castignani srl     Partita Iva: IT01134590445

  • Via Camillo Benso Cavour, 214 C, Porto Sant'Elpidio FM
  • +39 0734 993123
  • Fax: +39 0734 801265
  • crossmodelsrl@alice.it

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